Splitcaster for iPhone

An innovative race timing application that brings real time analysis to fans, parents and coaches.

  • Built for iOS 4.0+ with Objective-C 2.0 using Xcode 4
  • Backed by Core Data
  • Twitter integration using OAuth
  • Leverages a lot of the logic created for Split Finder

Design and Concept: Erik P. Hansen

Split Finder for iPhone

The fastest way to find race splits and predict finish times based on an intermediate split. Built specifically for runners and fans of running.

  • Built for iOS 3.0+ with Objective-C 2.0 using Xcode 3.2
  • Custom time and distance handling
  • Custom ATM-style time-input method (dramatically faster than UIPickerView)

Design and Concept: Erik P. Hansen

Autodesk Pipeline

This was a fun project to work on because it gave me a lot of new problems to solve. I'm particularly proud of the "draw-in" animation of the Film and Gaming pipelines, for which I developed a few custom classes. This module had to accommodate localizations in a handful of languages, including Korean, Japanese and Chinese, which was also a brand new challenge for me. Font SWFs FTW!

Design: gilmourcraves+

Autodesk Personality

When I saw the comps for this project, I was pretty excited to work on it. I liked the look and feel and really loved the style of the portraits that were being used. Most of the code for the video player was pulled from an existing project I worked on for Gilmour Craves, letting me spend more time on transitions from screen to screen. Of course the entire project is XML-driven for easy updating of all the content.

Herman Miller Digital Experience

The HMI Digital Experience application is essentially a product catalog and company brochure that was created for large 1920x1080 touchscreen displays in showrooms and trade shows. A separate version, optimized for smaller screens and lower-resolution projectors, was created alongside the original piece. Because this piece deals with huge assets and was not optimized for an internet connection, I've created a movie showing it in action.

Design: OFFICE vs OFFICE / In collaboration with Propp + Guerin


Here are two different takes on character galleries for MAQET, a service that allows people to create their own character online and get a real collectible figure in the mail. The Bubble Gallery shows a collection of pre-built characters you could buy as is or use as a starting point for your own creation. The Character Chooser gives you access to all of the available characters. Both are fully XML-driven. The Character Chooser is built in such a way that third party designers who create characters for MAQET can also create an animated background for their character, serving as a sort of online packaging.

Design: MAQET

MRI Performance

This is a fully XML-driven home page module that features as many products as the client wishes to highlight. The amount of time between slides is dictated by the amount of text displayed on each slide; slides with more copy to read are shown longer than those with less text. The original product box movies were far from snappy enough for this project, but TweenMax gave me all the control I could want to create the rapid-fire, high intensity look and feel we were looking for. As a matter of fact, the original movies didn't scale the product up as they spun into place, so I faked that with TweenMax, too.

Design: gilmourcraves+

7EYE Home Page

Perhaps my favorite project from a fit-and-finish point of view. I feel like it's a great balance of tasteful eye candy that enhances the experience without being distracting or confusing. It was later supplanted by a much simpler version that removed a lot of the UI elements, replacing them with HTML overlays, but it added a background slideshow to showcase more sunglass models.

Design: gilmourcraves+

ChrDAUER Architects Website

When I was in junior high school, I wanted to be a residential architect. But well-intentioned adults scared me out of it because being an architect was really "more about math than it was about design." So, go figure, I grow up to become a programmer, where math never comes into play. By the way, Christian told me that it's the structural engineers who need the math. In his line of work, if he's doing math, he's probably dealing with his financials.

Design: Erik Watts Design Office

Jon Ragel Photographs

Jon wanted to show a lot of images from his impressive portfolio. And he wanted it to be easy for potential clients to quickly view his work. This site stretches wide to fill the screen with photographs you can quickly and fluidly scrub through. The slideshow also features the ability to click on any portfolio image to download it. Being XML-driven, it was easy for Jon to edit his online portfolios himself.

Design: Verlander Design

gilmourcraves+ Website

Originally created and deployed in 2006. This is still a favorite of mine because it was the first large, complex site I was the primary developer on. Looking back on this site, knowing now all of the things I didn't know then, there's a part of me that's surprised this site doesn't collapse under its own weight.

Design: gilmourcraves+

Holiday Cards

Over the years, I've been asked to make numerous holiday cards. Creating these little ActionScript-driven animation projects is always a lot of fun. Here are four from the past couple of years, presented for your viewing pleasure.

Design: gilmourcraves+

Want to see more? Because I've got more to show. Please get in touch with me.